As a copyeditor, I provide basic proofreading services, as well as in depth writing. I have experience with various styles of writing, including academic writing, grant proposals, marketing collateral, and business proposals.

~ For proofreading projects, I direct my trained eye to search out and correct errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation. I can help focus the writing toward specific audiences, such as editing medical or technical documents to be more palatable to laypeople.

~ Copyediting is a more in-depth process than proofreading. These projects involve proofreading checks, as well as revisions of the text to improve flow and structure. Copyediting may also include some additional content writing, depending on the project.


Copyediting Rates:

  • Proofreading $0.15/word
  • Heavy copyediting $0.20/word
  • Fact checking $75/hour
  • Researching $75/hour
  • Grants/proposals $75/hour OR $0.20/word